Waterlase Dentistry in Danville, IL

Looking for a less invasive way to treat your dental problems?  Waterlase dentistry may be for you. Because Waterlase Dentistry works without the heat and vibration of the classic drill, dentists can perform restorations less invasively with greater precision and accuracy. At Dr. Phillip W. Conn DDS in Danville, IL, we're pleased to offer Waterlase Dentistry to best serve our patients' needs.

Reap the Benefits

Thanks to Waterlase Dentistry, the professionals at Dr. Phillip W. Conn DDS can perform many minimally invasive procedures without scalpels and sutures. This technology has been proven to result in less swelling and post-operative pain for patients.

To find out if you can benefit from Waterlase Dentistry, call our office to set up a consultation.